Ketogenic is actually not new. But because of the “effect” for the world of the media and the food industry that is pro-carbohydrate (especially processed flour and sugar), the existence of the ketogenic diet seems to be a secret although it has been provenĀ  benefits of the ketogenic diet.

The ketogenic diet only targets 5% carbohydrate consumption while protein can be consumed by 20%. Most are the consumption of fat, which is 75%. That is, there is no word of hunger when undergoing a ketogenic diet even we can still eat satisfied and full. And of course, the body remains thin and healthy.

The concept of Ketogenic is to make the body in ketosis metabolism by using ketones as the main energy source, not glucose anymore. The key foods for the ketogenic diet are meat, eggs, fish, nuts, coconut oil, butter, cheese, low-starch vegetables.

Benefits of the ketogenic diet
1. Lose weight.
When our body is able to recognize fat as fuel, it will be easy for us to use body fat when we are not eating, including during sleep.
2. Reducing blood sugar
By reducing carbohydrate intake to a minimum, the sugar in the blood will certainly decrease and avoid hyperglycemia or diabetes, including increasing insulin sensitivity.
3. Bright skin and reduce inflammation.
Some research shows cases of acne after undergoing ketogenic disappear after 12 weeks. One of them is because ketogenic can reduce inflammation
4. Increase energy and stamina.
By using energy sources that are more efficient than fat, the body will feel more stamina every day. Fat can maintain a feeling of fullness much longer than other energy sources.
5. Optimizing brain cell metabolism.
Ketones can be utilized quickly by brain cells, especially medium chain fats. In the research of Dr. Mary New Port, when used in Alzheimer’s patients, shows a remarkable improvement in memory progress.
6. The body is faster and easier to fill.
Fat and protein will make you feel full for a long time. So that the ketogenic diet is able to make instantly while maintaining ideal body weight.
7. Emotions are more stable.
8. Therapy for degenerative diseases.
The beginning of the application of the ketogenic diet is more directed towards therapies such as epilepsy, diabetes, cancer and many others that are still being researched by experts around the world today.

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