Anti-Obesity to Anti-Cancer, This is the Myriad of Benefits of Spicy Food

Indonesia is home to various types of sambal. This can not be separated from the habits of Indonesian people who like the spicy taste. The sensation of heat and burning on the tongue, often makes us addicted. In fact, not infrequently it makes our nose and eyes runny because of spiciness. But did you know, when spicy food enters the digestive tract, the mouth and throat will begin to produce mucus? You may not be able to feel it, but when you eat spicy food, your stomach and intestine will begin to release excess fluid. This opinion was expressed by Dr. Brett Comer, ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeon at the University of Kentucky, USA. Also read: Spicy Food: Why Is It Hot, Is It Also Hot? But, have you ever asked, what causes the digestive tract to discharge fluid when eating spicy food? According to Comer, this is like cleaning dirty parts with water. “When your mouth or throat encounters a dangerous foreign object, the idea is that fluid helps to move it,” Comer said quoted from Time. For some people, according to Comer, this extra mucus can cause stomach aches to diarrhea. Compound “Spicy” Reduces Pain Even though it makes your nose runny, who would have thought food containing capsaicin compounds had good physiological effects on the body. Yes, capsaicin therapy can cause “excitation” or unique stimulation by locking in certain types of pain receptors. “This excitation leads to feelings of heat or burning pain, dilation of blood vessels, redness of the skin, and increase in body temperature,” said Anthony Dickenson, professor of neuropharmacology at University College London (UCL). According to Dickenson, capsaicin can trigger these effects either named or applied to the skin in a topical cream form. This is why in some arthritis medications and creams and muscle aches often contain capsaicin compounds. When the initial excitation subsides, the affected pain receptors will usually become more sensitive. This is what can reduce pain.

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