Coconut Oil and Ketogenic Diet

Talk about ketogenic diet and energy metabolism, it will not be complete without tracing the use of coconut in the ketogenic diet.

Why Coconut?

The view of many people who consider those who consider coconut oil to be better avoided in routine eating patterns is wrong. Coconut oil is also often accused of being dangerous bad fats. Though the role of coconut oil in the process of reducing excess weight is very large. Not only that, the impact on health is actually very good.

“Coconut oil has been consumed as a dietary ingredient for many groups of people for thousands of years without any negative influence for those who consume it,” added Mary G Enig Ph.D., fat expert and former research associate at the University of Maryland, USA.

So, there is no doubt that coconut oil does not only contain good fat or is known as medium/medium chain triglyceride (MCFA / MCT) triglycerides, which are types of fat that can prevent heart disease. For example, when we eat coconut oil, we don’t need to be afraid of being stored as fat, instead, the body will process it into a source of energy, because MCT does not require pancreatic enzymes for digestion. When it reaches the intestinal tract, MCT is broken down into individual fatty acids (monoglycerides) which are absorbed into the portal vein directly into the liver, the body will accelerate the process of burning calories, and improve thyroid function so that the body temperature returns to normal.

Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

VCO is very useful in ketogenic processes. Unfortunately, VCO was involved in the bad issue of coconut oil according to some doctors of heart disease. But since the 2000s, super-quality VCO appeared on the market, making it the main supplement for the ketogenic diet, which basically consumes low carbohydrates and is high in fat.

Body-processed ketones from medium chain fats that we can get from VCO as much as 85 – 92%. Much faster than breaking long chains of meat, eggs, fish or body fat.

Even this was acknowledged by Dr. Mary Newport, a neonatologist, in his book “Alzheimer’s Disease: What Intermittent Fasting Is There a Cure? VCO contains the perfect combination of C8-C10 and C12 which can help restore memory gradually, especially for Alzheimer sufferers. Energy from medium chain fats that have been metabolized into ketones will quickly be used by the brain as a source of energy.